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Project Highlights

  • Sells campus items departments no longer use to other departments, students, and the public
  • Recycles an average of approximately 13 tons per month
  • Decreases moving expenses when departments are renovating

Project Description and Approach:

UNC Surplus helps the university keep unused departmental items out of landfill. The Surplus staff goes to campus to pick up desks, projectors and other items that departments no longer need and sells them at the UNC Surplus warehouse located on Estes Drive, a five-minute drive from campus.

UNC Surplus positively impacts the Carolina community. Departments have lower moving expenses when they call UNC Surplus instead of moving furniture to landfills. Students, other departments and the public are able to purchase high quality furniture, lab and athletic equipment for low cost.

UNC Surplus has made a positive contribution to the Three Zeros Environmental Initiative’s zero waste to landfill goal. It allows people to reuse tons of items and keeps approximately 13 tons of reusable items out of the landfill each month.