UNC’s Three Zeros Environmental Initiative is working to recover more of waste from the landfill by recycling.

Three Zeros, through the Zero Waste goal, is increasing recycling efforts across campus.

Recycling bins are available across campus, including the dining halls. Also, the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling actively campaigns to recycle materials during move-in, move-out and at athletic events throughout the year.

The efforts of OWRR and student groups on campus have reduced waste considerably. OWRR publishes an annual Recovery Report on waste at UNC.

Recycling Projects

One aspect of the Zero Waste goal is to improve composting efforts in dorms and dining halls. By composting our food waste, compostable utensils, take-out containers and cups, UNC reduces the amount of garbage we send to the landfill and creates soil fertility for Edible Campus gardens and landscaping. Three Zeros also encourages zero waste events for departments at UNC.

These UNC partners support composting:

Composting Projects