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Project Timeline: November 2014 – Present

Partner: Carolina Union with funding from student board of directors and professionally led by Event Services

Project Highlights

  • Events2HVAC system controls room occupancy in over 31,000 sq ft of the Union
  • $31,389.78 in utilities savings during the first year
  • Two month annual payback period

Project Description and Approach

In Spring 2015, after the renovation of the East Wing of the Union, Operations Manager Kenneth Miskow worked with the Student Board of Directors and Event Services to propose the installation of new software: Events2HVAC. This software integrates the Union’s HVAC system and event scheduling software. The HVAC system is automatically synced to the meeting schedule in a room, and turns the air on/off so that it is at operating temperature only during scheduled events.

Previous to this installation of the software, the 3 air handlers in the Union were set to keep every room and space at the same temperature. Now, Events2HVAC allows Union management to have more control over temperatures in different areas of the building based on occupancy. This improves quality of experience, and reduces energy use, leading to cost savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

In total, the Carolina Union currently uses this software to control room occupancy in over 31,000 sq ft,  which is about 32% of the assignable floor area in the building.